Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bakin' Queen

I have been baking up a storm the past few days! Between a holiday function for work and bringing goodies for Thanksgiving, I have spent some serious quality time in my kitchen!

My department at work had an International Thanksgiving lunch on Monday. Everyone brought a dish representative of their culture/home country. I brought Mississippi Mud cupcakes since Zach and I moved to South Carolina from Mississippi.

They were so rich and chocolatey and delicious! I loved trying all the different foods!
For Thanksgiving, we’re bringing quite a few items so after work today I got busy in the kitchen.
I made cinnamon loaf and pumpkin loaf for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning:
And for desserts on Thanksgiving, I made red velvet gooey butter cookies:
and gingerbread cheesecake bites!

The picture in the recipe always looks so much prettier than how my baked goods turn out haha!
Here’s a peak at my Thanksgiving decorations I have around the house:

I made the wreath but I think it needs more volume. I’ll add more next year!
We are heading out tomorrow to Mississippi to see Zach’s family for Thanksgiving. I’m taking a half day at work so we can get on the road as early as possible. We want to avoid as much traffic in Atlanta as possible!
We are going to have a relaxing weekend visiting Zach’s family and cheering on our Dawgs (and my Gators!!) this Saturday during the rivalry week. I’m also having my first bridal shower this weekend! Zach’s mom and the women at their church are throwing it for me. They are so sweet to have a shower for me! I’m really excited!
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! I’ll update y’all as I can!
And since y’all haven’t seen Zoe lately, here’s a sneak peak at the pictures we took of her for our Christmas card!

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