Thursday, March 3, 2011

I suck at dieting

This week marks week eight of weight watchers. I haven't even lost 5 pounds.

I followed the program religiously.
Worked out.
Still nothing.
What am I doing wrong?

Sure I eat m&ms. But I count them. They are 6 points.
I do kickboxing. Spinning. Zumba.
Nothing is working.

Any ideas?
Help. lol

I feel like there is no point to this anymore. I don't lose weight on Weight Watchers.

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  1. That sucks! Maybe cut your points? Drink more water?

  2. From someone who can cut calories in half and work out twice a day, and in 2 months be LUCKY to lose 7 pounds - I can relate to you on this one.

    In trying to be healthier (and in hopes to lose weight on the side) we are slowly eliminating all processed food from our diet. Thankfully, we have Ward's, which makes this a lot easier but I now can control sodium and other things that aren't the best for our bodies (and in turn, weight).


  3. that's so discouraging! i'm already bad at dieting because I lack self-control.. but maybe look into the Thrive diet? I did it a while back and lost 5 pounds in like 2 weeks.. and I know a lot of people who dropped 30 lbs on the diet without even working out. It's not extreme, it's just healthier eating and I was never hungry!

  4. remember, muscle weighs more than fat... so if you are doing all that exercising you are gaining muscle, ie weight. Measure yourself. You'll actually see more improvement through measuring your bust, waist, hips, arms and thighs since you are doing so much to tighten up. Just a suggestion.

  5. Weights!! I always would kind of lift here and there and thought that I was flexin it up. But then I met with a training every 5 weeks. This gave me time to learn what she taught, and then work on my own for a month to step it up. I am more than doubling the amount of weight I would lift before and seeing results. That with a combination of cardio and yoga works for me!!

  6. Hey girl!
    I am a new follower:) and pretty new to Blogging! I sell this stuff called Advocare! We have a 24 day challenge that helps you lose a lot of weight! My sister is currently doing it and she was weighing around 170 ish and she is now probably around 160! She looks SO MUCH BETTER though!

    The 24 day challenge starts off with a cleanse for your body to get all the "bad stuff" out,you have meal replacement shakes that do not have many calories(200 something) but makes you feel liek you ate a full course breakfast! It is seriously awesome and I'd love to give you more details if you want!

  7. I just found your blog- it's TOO cute! Are you eating enough? If you aren't your body will hold on to everything longer! Diets stink anyway, lifestyle changes are better! Try to eat as soon as you wake up, and every few hours after that, maybe three 400-500 calorie meals and one 200 calorie snack and another 100 calorie snack? Counting calories helps me out when I'm feeling off... if you google "fitsugar calculator" and plug in your stats it will give you an idea of what you need. You are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and I think you look fantastic, but I also understand wanting to get in shape& wanting to feel good! Also avoid artificial sweeteners because they bloat you and make you crave sugar like no tomorrow. I hope that helps! XO jamie