Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Zoe!

On Monday, we went to pick up our new puppy! After a weekend long name debate, this is Zoe!
Zach and Zoe on Friday. We adopted her on Friday from the Humane Society here in Starkville. She stayed the weekend since we were going to Jackson and we picked her up Monday!
Pretty face! She is an 8 month old lab mix. She's only 26 pounds now so she shouldn't get too much bigger.
She was amazing in the car on the way to Zach's apartment.
Just sat and looked around!
Once we got inside she sniffed around for a bit then pooped on the floor! We think she was just nervous. She went for a walk then to take a bath!
You know I got her pink collars and leashes :)
Here she is after her first bath! I was so (pleasantly) surprised at how great she was while we gave her a bath!
We took her out a ton the first day and through the night because she had an upset stomach but yesterday and so far today she has been much better.
She LOVES laying in the grass!
She has cracked us up so much already! She is just such a happy, calm, playful pup! Can't wait for many more adventures with her!
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  1. awhh too cute!! she looks like a sweet dog!

  2. She's so cute! Enjoy all the puppy love! :)

  3. 1) Zoe is a great name!
    2) She is so very cute and loveable!
    3) I'm SO VERY glad you adopted her! Little girls like her need some lovin' and it is so wonderful that you did that.
    4) LOVE this so much!

  4. Have fun! Puppies are the best!!

  5. Congrats new mommy! It's so great to adopt isn't it? We have one pure bred from a breeder and we just adopted a mix as well. Since she's 8 months old you get to skip all the young puppy stuff.

  6. Awww soooo darn cute!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  7. Zoe is SOOO SUPER cute! And I love even more that you rescued her! She is totally going to love y'all even more!

  8. New follower here. Zoe is precious and she looks super happy! Kudos to y'all for adopting :)