Monday, September 6, 2010

Maroon! White! Fight Fight Fight! Mississippi State! Damn Right!

As promised, I have tons of pictures from this weekend for y'all! We had such a great time tailgating! Friday was spent getting ready for the tailgate. I had planned on working half a day, but I woke up at 9:30 (wanted to be on campus by 8 haha)...but tailgating prep won haha. Matt, Liza, George (who came up from Mobile), and I ate lunch at Grumpy's (love getting catfish on Fridays!) and then made last minute Walmart and liquor store trips. Then I came back to the house and baked lots of cookies and red velvet cupcakes for the tailgate! About 4 we all headed over to the Junction to wait for 5 when we can set the tents up!
Sunset on the stadium! State is so pretty!
After we set the tents up Kevin and Matt broke out the grill and cooked up some burgers Mary Catherine made. They were SO GOOD! (MC make these again! Haha! :) ). We all sat around the tailgate and ate and played corn hole. We packed up pretty early so we could all be rested up for Saturday's festivities!
Saturday started at 7:15 am when I got up to get ready! We headed to Shipley's donuts then to Matt's apartment to meet up with Liza and headed to the Junction!
Here's Bully with all our cowbells. I love this picture because the stadium is in the background!
Here I am with Bully in front of the stadium. We took pictures with him early before it got too crowded.
State girls love Bully :)
All our cowbells lined up for action and periodic ringing throughout the day!
Action shot of the day of Matt and Kevin playing corn hole. Kevin made the corn hole boards and bags! He did such a great job and we all had a ton of fun playing!
Matt and Liza getting ready to grill!
Ladies at our tailgating spot with the stadium! What great weather we had and a great tailgating spot!
Here's the group! Left to right Kevin, MC, Matt, Liza, me, and George. It was the white out game!
Since we were set up next to the MAFES store I had to get some ice cream :)
Here is me and my roommate Randall!
Cheering on the team at the Dawg Walk! (my camera or phone or something is in my pocket haha).

Before I move on I have to mention the spread we had going on. Kevin made steak skewers which were delicious, I made marinated chicken, Matt and Liza made burgers, Matt made a Death Roll (cheese stuffed sausage covered in bacon seasoned with Shag Nasty), and we had tons of chips and desserts.
Game time was at 6 so we headed into the game around 5.
One of my favorite pictures of us!
Go State!
Kevin and MC!
My cowbell with the stadium!
Me and George!
White out!

Saturday was a great day! State beat Memphis and my Florida Gators beat Miami of Ohio (despite their issues with snapping the ball but we won't talk about that haha). Thursday night State plays Auburn in Starkville so more pictures of that game for sure! Go Dawgs!
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  1. HOW GREAT! You are too flippin cute! SERIOUSLY!

  2. So fun! We'll be getting up to Gainesville late Friday night but cannot wait for Saturday's game! Not sure what happened with the Gators on Saturday- I'm hoping it was first game jitters! and I love your cowbell too cute!

  3. i love all of your pictures!!
    looks like ya'll had a blast! :)

  4. Looks like fun. We tailgated at our game and I was happy to see USF win!

  5. You are adorable!!! Love all your photos and yes, I have a home in DeSoto County. I love that area...totally a Mississippi girl--living in South Florida.

  6. I just found your blog and LOVE it that you're a gator up in Starkeville! We went there last October and had a blast, I absolutely loved it and took a lot of the same photos.

    I'm a Gator Grad and now work at UF and just got married in the Swamp so it seems as if we have a lot in common!

    Have a great one & GO GATORS!

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