Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm cheering you on Tim Tebow!

Y'all know I'm a HUGE Gators fan. Florida has had some pretty great seasons the past few years, and I'm confident the Gators can have a successful season this fall, even without some great players from the past few seasons (Cooper, one of the Pounceys, Haden)...but the person even people who aren't Gator fans will notice missing...Tim Tebow. Whether or not you like the Gators, you can't deny the fact that Tebow is an amazing football player. Brantley is a great QB, but he ain't Tim Tebow. Luckily for Gator Nation, we can all still watch Timmy in orange and blue as a Denver Bronco. So while he won't be doing this anytime soon:

Hopefully we will see lots more of this:

One of the best birthday presents I got this year was one of these:
a Tebow Broncos jersey. I'm REALLY hoping to make it to Denver over Christmas break to bring a little Florida sunshine and cheer on one of my favorite Gators.
(Excuse the face)
So Tebow, while you may not be at the Swamp this season, you still have Gator Nation cheering you on with our blue and orange blood! GO GATORS (and Broncos!)!

And for my Mississippi State shoutout of the day, the new 49ers RB Anthony Dixon rushed for 100 yards on 21 carries for the 49ers to beat the Colts 37-17 in yesterday's preseason game. Go State!
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  1. Look how cute you are in your jersey!!!! LOVE IT!! I love wearing my Panther's jersey. So fun. :)

  2. Tebow is a step below God in gainesville! I swear it! :) I loved living in gville for the year, it trasformed me into a gator fan! I will be sporting blue and orange all the way in MN this football season!

  3. I can't believe his jersey is the best selling one of all time! You Gator fans are hardcore!

  4. Yep yep! I love him!!!! And UF:)

  5. Be sure to stop by and say hey if you come to Colorado.