Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Pictures and Days 2 and 3 of Blog Challenge!

I wanted to post vacation pictures yesterday but my dang iphoto hated me! :) So last Saturday I headed to Florida for a week to see my family and friends! I had such a great time and these are only a few of the pictures I took!
Pictures that say a thousand words...Florida or Mississippi...the story of my life!
Almost to Jacksonville Beach! After 10 hours of driving in a heat box because my A/C was broken and I was waiting on Dad to fix it for free! haha!
Home sweet Jacksonville Beach! The Jax Beach Fishing Pier is to the left
Another picture of Jax Beach! 10 minutes later I was creeped on by weird single old guys...ick
I ran on the beach every morning!
Tuesday I went down to Gainesville (I'm considering Florida for further graduate education after I'm done with my master's next May) to walk around the campus. Then I saw the football stadium, got excited for college football season, and spent the majority of my campus visit creeping on an informal practice. What can I say? I love my Gators and the Swamp!
Kisses for gators!
I love the's even more fun when there are players and people in there! Haha!

I was feelin' rebelious
Posing with player Chris Rainey
Went to Lynch's Irish Pub back in Jax Beach later that day...unfortunately not everyone made it into the picture but at least we got most in. We played trivia and lost epically.
Cousin Kayleigh and I on Jax Beach Pier
St. Augustine
Castillo de san Marcos

With cousin Juliet in St. Augustine
More Jax Beach pictures
Again, we can never manage to get everyone in one picture but here I am with Kristine and cousins Kayleigh, Juliet and Dalton.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my birthday weekend!

Yesterday was my first day back at lab/school for over a week so I didn't get a chance to do Day 2 of the 30 Day Blog here are Days 2 and 3!

Day 2: A Favorite Movie:
I have way too many favorite movies to list just one. I love Sex and the City of course, and also The Blind Side, Steel Magnolias, and The Departed. My favorite comedy movie would probably be The Hangover and my favorite Christmas movie is definitely Elf!

Day 3: A Favorite Book: can anyone pick just one favorite? I would have to narrow it down to Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

I would love to hear what y'alls favorites are!

Later y'all!
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  1. My favorite movie? Under the Tuscan Sun! GEAUX SEC football!

  2. Great pictures!!!! Looks like you had a great time!!! I'm so glad you were able to get back there and make some more memories. I know you miss it! :(

  3. You summed up my favorite places in FL!

    Now I miss it, and I want to go back pronto!

  4. No fair, the Florida beaches and the SWAMP?!?! I miss it soooo much! Glad you had a great time!

  5. haha I have a friend that went to school there... she has very similar photos with the gator!

    ps I left a blogger award on my blog for you, please check it out :)