Monday, July 5, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge and Update!

It has been way too long since I posted! I spent a week in Florida with my family and came back to Mississippi on Saturday. I have lots of great pictures to show y'all and I will do that as soon as I unpack and upload them-look for them tomorrow and Wednesday! I spent the 4th with great friends and today is my birthday (21st birthday part 3 haha) and I will be laying out by the pool/relaxing with friends!
I've been seeing a "30 Day Blog Challenge on a few blogs and I thought it might be fun to play along. Here are the list of days:
Day 1-A favorite song
Day 2-A favorite movie
Day 3-A favorite book
Day 4-A favorite television show
Day 5-A favorite quote
Day 6-A moment you wish you could relive
Day 7-5 things you could not possibly live without
Day 8-A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life
Day 9-A photo you took
Day 10-A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11-A photo of you taken recently
Day 12-A song that you want played at your wedding
Day 13-A guilty pleasure
Day 14-A vacation you would like to take
Day 15-A person you admire
Day 16-A song that makes you cry
Day 17-An art piece
Day 18-A time when you felt passionate and alive
Day 19-A talent of yours
Day 20-A hobby of yours
Day 21-Something you know you do differently than most people
Day 22-A website
Day 23-A way in which you want to be remembered
Day 24-A movie no one would expect you to love
Day 25-A recipe
Day 26-A childhood memory
Day 27-A physical feature you love
Day 28-A scar you have and its story
Day 29-Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30-A motto or philosophy

So for Day 1: A favorite song, the song I pick is "Proudest Monkey" by Dave Matthews Band. Here are the lyrics:
Swing in the tree
Oh I am bounce around so well
Branch to branch,
Limb to Limb you see
All in a day's dream
I am stuck
Like the other monkeys here
I am a humble monkey
Sitting up in here again
But then came the day
I climbed out of these safe limbs
Ventured away
Walking tall, head high up and singing
I went to the city
Car horns, corners and the gritty
Now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen
Monkey see, monkey do

Then comes the day
Staring at myself I turn to question me
I wonder do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in well
Oh things were quiet then
In a way they were the better days
But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen
Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey see, monkey do

I absolutely love this song. Not only is it such a pretty-sounding song and Dave's voice is amazing, it reminds me of how I felt leaving home, going away to grad school, and being here by myself and having to not be shy and make myself a Mississippi family (which I love!). Sometimes, especially when I've been back to Florida and have been around my family I wonder if I made the right choice coming to Mississippi over staying in Florida for grad school. However, being here has made me more independent, and I've overcame the challenges of finding my way around a new place, making friends, and learning to stand on my own two feet when a long relationship ended. But I've grown, made amazing friends that I love, got through my first year of grad school successfully, and now I am the proudest monkey :)

Look out for pictures from my trip, the 4th, and my birthday soon!
Later y'all!
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  1. Happy Birfday!!! hope ya enjoy it (:

  2. Oh how fantastic! I think I'm going to use this idea!

  3. Thanks for following my blog :) Looking forward to reading yours!