Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hi my name is Ashley, and I'm an M&M-popsicle-crystal light-aholic

Happy Thursday everyone! So for the past few weeks, I've been trying to be really good with eating and working out. I'm going to Florida next week so I want to look as good as possible for the time being in my bathing suit, plus I really want to lose the weight I put on this past year (dang grad school!). I've been doing all the right things-eating right, working out, and counting calories really helps me out too. But in the process of trying to find healthy snacks, I've developed addictions (haha!)
Here is one of my addictions:
Sugar free tropical popsicles. At only 15 calories a popsicle, they are delicious and cool me off during the hot Mississippi summer! I however, cannot eat just one. I probably eat 4 a day. Only 60 calories, so it's not bad...but still? 4 a day?! Get it together Ashley.

My next addiction is to Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade.
I've been told by everyone from Bob Harper to my mom that drinking lots of water helps in weight loss. Plain water is kinda boring I decided to add some Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade On-The-Go's to my water bottles. And then I decided to make it in a pitcher to keep in the fridge and drink after work. And that's how this addiction was born. I probably drink a gallon of the stuff a day.

And last but definitely the worst addiction I have is...
I LOVE M&M's. Any kind. Peanut, peanut butter, plain, almond...anything. I cannot go a day without eating M&M's. I've managed to factor them into my diet by counting them out and accounting for their calories...but still. I need them every day. I love them.
My favorite M&M's of all time. Dark chocolate M&M's. The dark chocolate peanut ones are even better. The beginning of my addiction starts with these.
Coconut M&M's. Has anyone tried these? My mom found these a few months back and sent some to me. Problem. Now I'm addicted to them.
Last but not least...pretzel M&M's...the magical combination of chocolate covered pretzels and my beloved M&M's...also so addicting. Someone come pry them out of my hands.

My desk at work...I told y'all! :)

Almost Friday!!
Later y'all!
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  1. Oooooh! I have NEVER seen pretzel M&M's sounds wonderful! Cannot wait to try those!

  2. Hi there, I am a new follower (saw your Pearly Blogger post on Jen's blog). I love the Rasperry Lemonaid Crystal Light, but sometimes when I drink too much it makes my throat hurt, does this happen to you? I have never heard of pretzel M&Ms, talk about trouble!

  3. Ok agree with you on the first two!! :)
    And I totally want to try the new m&m's!

  4. Yum those pretzel M&Ms look good! I have been trying to lose a little weight lately myself. I am counting calories too! I probably drink just as much crystal light as you! Raspberry Lemonade is my favorite too! I have never tried those Popsicle's, but i think i might have too!
    Good luck with losing weight! :)

  5. Dang, I need to get some of those popsicles! YUM and can't be a 15 calorie snack!
    I was on a crystal light kick for like a year- I would drink it all day everyday! it is sooo good. My fave is the wild strawberry! YUM.
    and I have seen those pretzel M&M's out-guess I need to try them now and hope to not become addicted!

  6. I know how you feel! I am doing the same thing! I have been dieting so I can look somewhat descent in my bathing suit at the beach in 2 weeks! I love those little crystal light packages, I too need to drink more water so you have just inspired me to buy them again! haha You can do it!! My weakness is BREAD!!

  7. Ugh! I love love LOVE M&Ms! I STILL haven't tried the pretzel ones! Maybe I'll get some for the pool this weekend! :)

  8. Pretzel m&ms sound so delicious! Those popsicles look fab too!

  9. Love the Tropical Sugar Free Popsicles. Ripoff alert... they're making them smaller now. Also in boxes of 20 instead of 24.