Monday, June 14, 2010

Dave Matthews Band 2010

Last weekend, when I was up North, I went to see my all-time favorite Dave Matthews Band at the Comcast Center in Massachusetts. I see them every summer and they never disappoint me-they have the best concerts! I went with Chelsea and we had a great time!

First, I need to explain my love for Dave Matthews Band...
This is the symbol of DMB...the firedancer...
...and this is my tattoo of the DMB's on my left lower back and is usually covered by clothing.
DMB just means a lot to me...their songs/lyrics and Dave's voice always make my day better. If you really listen to the songs they are amazing and have such great meaning.

Chelsea and I before the concert. We usually take pictures of ourselves to pass the time haha!
It was the perfect night for a concert...warm breeze, not humid, sunny with a few clouds to cut the heat...perfect.
Chelsea's epic tub of popcorn...I don't like popcorn so she was all on her own with that!
Waiting for Dave haha!
"Troubles, they come and go, but the good times, they're the gold."
"Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain."
"Then comes the day, staring at myself I turn to question me. Do I want the simple, simple life, that I once lived in well? Oh things they were so quiet then. In a way they were the better days. But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen. Monkey see, monkey do."
"Standing on a bridge, watch the water passing underneath it must have been much harder when there was no bridge, just water. Now the world is small, remember how it used to be? With mountains and oceans and rivers and winters and stars."
"I can't believe that we would lie in our graves, wondering if we had, spent our own living days well. I can't believe that we would lie in our graves thinking of things that we might have been."
"One sweet world. Around this star is spinning. One sweet world. And in her breath I'm swimming. And here we will rest in peace."
"Turns out, not where, but who you're with that really matters."
Such a great night! Thanks Chelsea for such a great and funny time!

I have some videos of Dave singing but I keep getting errors when I try to upload them to Blogger...any suggestions?

Tomorrow-my MAC To the Beach Collection finds!

Later y'all!
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  1. Oh my goodness I was at that show! (I didn't have proper seats I was on the lawn! lol) DMB did an excellent job and it was great energy there. I'm not really a DMB fan but that was a great show! And btw - whoever did your tatoo did an AMAZING job!

  2. Thank you! I actually got it in Rhode Island! A guy named Nate at McInnis Tattoo in Providence did it about 2 summers ago