Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zoe's First Birthday and Weekend Recap

I had a very good weekend! It was mostly relaxing, even though I feel like I did a lot!

Saturday Zach and I decided to take Zoe for a walk outside somewhere we hadn't been before, since we had been away from her during vacation and her birthday was Sunday. We picked Lake Lowndes Park in Columbus, MS, which was about 25 minutes away.
Zoe and Zach at the start of the walk. The weather was slightly overcast and there was a breeze on the lake.
All ready to walk!

We picked out the nature trail, which we saw on the map was 3.5 miles.
Zoe and her momma walking :)
Zach tried to take a picture of us but when he said her name so she would look at him she just ran towards him. Oh well haha.

We wound up running a lot of the trail since it was so nice out (although humid...I was sweating like a stuck pig). We got to the end of the 3.5 miles and saw a sign that said Nature Trail Exit...too bad we were 2 miles from the car! We wound up trail running/walking for 5.5 miles, which was ok with me (it paid for the high-calorie supper I ate!)
My pink and green trail them :)

After we brought Zoe back to the apartment we got ready and went to Tuscaloosa for the evening. We ate Hooter's wings for supper (I'm telling y'all...if you haven't been...go. They are amazing. I know you're thinking ugh Hooter's....but I promise the worth it).
Then we went to TJ Maxx and Target before heading back home.

Sunday was Zoe's first birthday!

I'm the only one who liked the party hat...Zach refused to partake in the party hat wearing and Zoe hated hers...she kept putting her head down
The best picture I could get

Then Zach and I gave her the birthday doggie cupcakes I made...judge away.
It was made out of flour, vanilla, carrots, an egg, and peanut butter. I put peanut butter as icing.
She was kind of confused by the birthday cupcake and us singing happy birthday to her and she kept looking around.
Zoe with her candle! (I swear Zach isn't choking her haha...just trying to get her to look at me)
Her pink sparkly "1" candle!
Next we gave Zoe her birthday gifts!
She cracked me up with the gifts part. She peaked in each bag as I opened it and sat right there beside me and looked at each gift. So funny!
A Kong!
Her new Gator friend!
(She isn't much into stuffed animals so she doesn't chew them up...just lays on them which is why we got her an alligator...if she chewed them I would have gotten something a Seminole or something (haha!))
Girls love new accessories!
Playing with her daddy and hugging her new friend
Posing with her momma
Pretty Gator girl!
Zoe's gifts!

After all the birthday activities we got lunch and lounged around for the most part watching movies.
I gave the 1 year old a bath!
Then bed time with her new buddy.
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  1. That looks like a beautiful walk! I want to start hiking more!

  2. Aw! Zoe looks so cute! I'm glad she had such an awesome birthday!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful birthday girl! love the gatoriffic gifts!!