Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yay summer!

It's officially the first day of summer! But right now, I'm sitting in my office at school freeeeezing because it is POURING outside...and decided to start just as I was walking back from lunch!
Oh well...I was contemplating going home for a nap anyways...haha!

I have had a pretty uneventful few weeks so that's why I haven't had much to report back on...I have lost 10 pounds so far :) which is exciting, and have also been running again finally! I've been a runner most of my teenage-into-adult life, but running took the way back burner with the end of college and beginning of grad school. I am still knowledgeable about current races/training, etc and I'm REALLY glad I'm enjoying it again. I'm planning on signing up for some type of race so I have something to be accountable to.

This one is on the top of my list!
The half of course...my tush ain't running no full anytime soon! Haha

Who wouldn't want to run a race (and by race I mean just for fun/my personal satisfaction not actually racing) in this gorrrrgeous city?
I'm in love with Savannah.
Maybe as a reward I'll buy myself some sweet new kicks...
Like these!!
Or these! Still pink but not quite as...cheerful?

These two awesome running partners are a huge percentage of my motivation for sticking to my running.
Zach is incredibly encouraging and who could turn down Zoe's face when her tail is wagging and she is ready to go run outside!

Also...my first running partner and endless source of encouragement...
I REALLY wish I could be running with my mom every morning on the beach like we used to! I miss chatting with her and making her help me carry the shells I would find on our runs! :)

Anyways...I'm off to go take a nap before I continue working on research tonight...I ran this morning but unfortunately woke up at 5:30 and never fell back asleep before my 7 am alarm...

So I'll leave you with this...
:) That is all!

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I've been getting back into running! I was doing so well before I started my job and then my wedding came and that was the end of it! Hubs is joining me on them which helps alot!

    I'd love to do the Savannah run! We were just talking about Savannah and how neither of us has been there yet- so we just added it on our list of places to visit!

  2. Those shoes are SO TIGHT. Where did you find them?