Monday, May 23, 2011

My Life for the Past Few Months...Picture Overload!!

So I know I've barely blogged this entire year. It's terrible. I read all of your blogs regularly...I just haven't felt like writing anything. I finally feel back in the groove like I'm ready to blog regularly again!

Most of what I've been up to is school. I finished my last semester of classes for grad school and now I'm just concentrating on research...more about that later.

This spoiled princess is a riot. She just cracks me up all the time!
Zoe likes pink and animal print:) And drooling all over my back seat!
So sassy.

One of the last/best weekends of the semester was Super Bulldog Weekend. It's a big weekend at State where the spring Maroon and White football game is played, baseball games (this year State played Florida...sorry State but GO GATORS), the Cotton District Music Festival, and all sorts of other stuff going on around town and on campus.

Friday night we watched the baseball game, and Saturday we went a tailgated all day!
Here is Zoe all ready for tailgating! She was excited.
Zach and I :) Loves him.
Goofy dudes. From left: Kevin, Matt, Zach, and Shawn.

Me, Liza, and MC

We played cornhole pretty much the entire day.
We were all incredibly sunburnt
But it was so worth it.

Taking a break from playing
Zoe chilling in the shade
Cornhole action shot.

This weekend may seem silly but it was really important to me to spend time with my friends. The thing that sucks about college/grad school is people graduate and move. I never like it when people I care about I can only see a few times a year!

The weekend after Super Bulldog Weekend Kevin, Zach and I went to Talladega!
We were so lucky to get to stay in the infield with Zach's grandparents!
We had the best seats for the races!

So dang close!

The first night and day were really chilly!

Thankfully it warmed up on Sunday so we could enjoy the sunshine while we watched the race.

The next weekend was Easter (I told y'all I have been busy! :) )
My family lives too far away for me to drive that long for one day, so I went with Zach to his parents' house.
Zach and I in our Easter outfits!

This part gets funny.

A few months back, I found Easter bunny ears at Target! I wanted to wear them and somehow talked Zach into wearing them for ONE picture ;) I also got Zoe some dog bunny ears.
Once I finally managed to get her to stop running away and get them on her head...well this is the best picture we got of the three of us!

She was just cracking me up. She refused to look at the camera!
A less than thrilled Zoe bunny

These are my Easter sandals :) I love anything with flowers and sparkles so when I found these at Francesca's I HAD to have them!
I also painted my nails pink and an Easter egg of course!
She may not like her bunny ears but she still takes adorable pictures...when we can get her to sit still!

This semester has been pretty fun! Unfortunately it hasn't been all play and no work though!

This is my daily life...
Films that turn almost clear
Films that turn opaque
Reacting the films
Taking data on the films and also on fake saliva and mucus...SO FUN!

I have been in the lab all day every day since finals finished...and I will be doing this all summer. Oh grad school.

Have a good Monday :)
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  1. That has got to be the cutest dog in the entire world! And I love the Easter sandals. I, too, am guilty of loving weekends like that (we has Springfrst for the first time this year, and unfortunately it wasn't very exciting...). Just something else to look forward to!

  2. I love the color of your Easter dress!!

  3. Glad to see you back :) Your posts are always so cute

  4. how did i miss this post when you wrote it??? ha it was nice catching up with you- you have had LOTS going on!!! Glad to see you are back on blogger thought- i've missed reading your blog- but have been keeping up with you on twitter :))