Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I did it! I got an iPhone!

I gave in...I got the Verizon iPhone when it came out (for existing customers) last week. It arrived on Monday!
The cases Verizon had at the store for them....well I wasn't a huge fan. I just wanted a hot pink case or a bright green case but they only had blacks, blues, and purple! Then I thought...I'll get a pink AND green cases :) I just have to wait a few weeks until the pink and green Lilly case in either Bloomers (the pink one with the green flowers) or Floaters the green seahorses with pink flowers. So cute! Thanks to Medical Prepster for letting me know about Lilly's cases!

I do really miss my BlackBerry...I've been a BB devotee for years and I feel guilty looking at it being unused on my table :( I'm trying to remind myself of how much it drove me crazy when it froze and how great the apps are on the iPhone. Like Words with Friends! I'm ADDICTED! So far I've only been playing my sister so y'all please play me! My name is MissFLBelle :)

What other apps do you love? I need to download some!

Also- You have to go to sign up for this giveaway! Ashley Lauren is hosting a Kate Spade "Heart of Gold" idiom bangle. I LOVE it! I hope I win!! :)

Have a great Wednesday! It's snowing here in Starkville so hopefully y'all get better weather than us!

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  1. Yay!! You'll love it! I have a Kate Spade case that I got for Christmas. My fav apps are echofon for twitter, facebook, pandora, urbanspoon, angry birds, where's waldo, sprinkles, flixster, shazam, and iEmoji emoticons!!! xoxo

    ps. Good luck on my giveaway!!!

  2. love those lilly cases! i wish they made them for bb!

  3. Hey! I joined Words with Friends last night. I'm MrsMatched!

  4. Finally figured out what WWF is and I just started a game with you! I'm haniemarie... obvs!

  5. I am counting down the days until I am available for my upgrade! I think it is the end of Feb! Enjoy it! xoxo E

  6. love your blog! its too cute. just a warning though i have the lilly case and it is horrible quality. all the color rubs off in a short time and in a few months it will be a plain white case :( i would invest in a better pink and green one.