Friday, October 1, 2010

Twitter-To Make Private or Stay Public?

Happy Friday everyone! So I need y'alls opinions. I'm currently planning on graduating with my Master's in May, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been applying/interviewing for some jobs...
My Twitter account is currently public because I want those who follow my blog to be able to easily follow me on Twitter. I don't think I tweet anything that would be offensive to any prospective employer, but what do y'all think-should I make my Twitter private while I'm job searching and have those who want to follow request me? Or is that just a pain?

Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. I would suggest going private.

    I've always been private, just because there were a few local people that I didn't want knowing what I was up to 24/7.

    I once said something about a customer on my twitter, (there was no name, nor was it obviously pointed out it was a customer, but you could figure it out if you took the time to think about it/knew me.) It still got back to my boss. I learned my lesson, don't talk about work, at all. lol.

    Accepting followers really isn't that hard, I just get online every other day and accept people. (It's annoying you can't accept people through your phone!)

    If you don't mind ANYONE reading your tweets, stay public. Just really watch what you say while you're waiting on employment though. Anything about a party, or maybe just some song lyrics could be taken the wrong way.

  2. I like being private because you can controll the ppl who wants to follow you (mainly spammpers) I do go online to accept followers who I dont think they are spammers.

    Feel free to follow me

  3. I only have a personal twitter and its private. I really only follow high school friends and a couple bloggers. I would go private. You get an email when you have a new follower request.

  4. To give you another perspective, a lot of employers are looking for those who possess those coveted social media skills. I'm not sure what your industry is, but I'm in Communications/Education. Many of our coworkers and students have Twitter accounts that they keep public and post a variety of topics... from industry news, job hunting updates, to even personal stuff. I think it really depends on what jobs you are looking for and if Twitter could be used as a helpful tool in looking. A colleague of mine actually got a job interview through her Twitter, and she's not the only one
    who I have heard of that happening to.

    I say keep it public and use it to your advantage.