Monday, October 18, 2010

The Gator-Bulldawg Dilemma

For those of y'all who have been reading my blog for awhile, or even those who are new followers, (it's pretty obvious just by looking at my blog haha) you know I love my Florida Gators and Mississippi State Dawgs...but what do you do when they play each other??
Last year, Mississippi State hosted Florida in Starkville. I had been a State grad student for almost 3 months at this point, and loved State, but still wore orange and blue to the game. Florida was the predicted winner, and took a win home to Gainesville that weekend. Dan Mullen was a new head coach at State and the team was rebuilding and learning a lot last year. This year, Florida hosted State at the Swamp. I definitely took this opportunity to return to my home turf and really loved being back in Jacksonville Beach this past weekend. I got to go shopping, go to the beach, and see my family. I also loved that some friends were able to see my beautiful city of Jax Beach and the Swamp!
Saturday morning we ate breakfast on the beach.
Here I am...wearing a Mississippi State sweatshirt and Florida Gator shorts!
After breakfast we did a little shopping in Bealls and Target then got ready and headed to Gainesville.
Here are some pictures:
Me with Albert and Alberta
Me and George with Albert and Alberta
Dang I love Florida. Look how pretty the Gator walk is!
George, me, Justin waiting on the Dawgs
Go Gators!
The Swamp is no other stadium. I'm so lucky to have had so many amazing memories here...and I'm only 23! Many more to come!
Dan the Man! Go State!
3rd row seats are pretty sweet
My boys from Ol' Florida and my boys in Maroon and White.

The outcome of the game was not only a total shock, I was left with completely mixed emotions. As a lifelong Gator fan, I had decided to stick to my roots and wear orange and blue to the game. Mississippi State was coming off a 3 win streak vs. Georgia, Houston, and Alcorn State. Florida was coming off 2 losses to Alabama and LSU. This was a big game. SEC predictions thought that should State beat Florida, they would most likely see a top 25 ranking this week, and a 5-2 week 7 would most likely mean bowl eligibility within the next couple of games. However, Florida neeeeeeeded this win. Not only for the season stats, but also for morale. It's pretty much a lose-lose situation. When Florida missed the field goal that would have tied the game and forced overtime, I wanted to jump and celebrate and at the same time cry in disappointment. What a bittersweet win. I love State with all my heart and am so absolutely proud to be a Bulldawg (with a #24 ranking), but the Orange and Blue loss runs a little deeper. But like the song says, "In all kinds of weather we'll all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A".
Thank the Lord they don't play each other next year.

Gooooo Gators and Bulldawgs! Couldn't be prouder to have 4 beautiful colors in my blood-blue. orange, maroon, and white.
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  1. As an LSU/Florida State/USF fan, I have to say I was happy to see Florida lose, but Florida as well as USF are having tough seasons this year. Great pictures!

  2. GEAUX TIGHERS! I'm a Hokie fan too though since the hubs went there!

  3. i loveee that blue dress/belt outfit!

  4. I'm a Vols and everyone in the south knows about our current situation. I have to point out I was living in San Fran when they hired the TrainWreck and tried to tell my friends here how awful he was. Hate to say I told you so but uhh...yeah. Miss State is my back up team. My parents both went there (I'm originally from Miss) and I was going to but dad asked me not to bc it was too far away. Can't argue with daddy.