Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Recap 5: The Reception

I know-I’m the world’s worst procrastinator! It’s been a really busy summer but I want to finish these wedding recaps! (Even though I’ve been married for 5 months-ha!)
After the ceremony, we split off to take photos of Zach and me as well as us with our families and the wedding party while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.
We chose two drinks to have as our signature drinks and also served beer and Mississippi muscadine wine. The bride’s drink was a strawberry mojito and the groom’s drink was Captain and Coke!
The whole wedding party! From right, Jim, Danielle, Jonathon, Emily, Scott, Amanda, Shawn, Chelsea, me, Zach, Caitlin, Dan, Mary Catherine, Kevin, Brianna, and Andy! We had the funniest wedding party-they kept the party going all weekend and we all had so much fun!Reception1-022
Us with my parents and sister :) Reception1-035
Zach’s pink socks! I had to have him wear some pink!Reception1-041
Us with Zach’s parents, sister, and brother :) Reception1-043
Zach’s sweet grandparents Grammy and Poppy! I love them! Reception1-056
Zach’s socks and my shoes :) Reception1-057
We had a wedding cowbell that we made and we didn’t ring it until our wedding day!Reception1-065
Chelsea and Shawn had the most hilarious best man-maid of honor entrance! Reception1-111

The new Mr. and Mrs.!

First dance!Reception1-116 Reception1-121
Reception2-019 Reception2-023
Time to cut the cake! The flavor of our cake was amazing! It was a creamy vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream. Reception2-061
Scott wins the award for best dance moves!Reception2-104
Tossing the bouquet! Mary Catherine caught the bouquet and she actually was the next one to get married! Her and Kevin were married in June!Reception2-150
Also, the our friend who caught the garter proposed to his girlfriend only a few weeks after our wedding!Reception2-155
We had an MSU pom pom and cowbell send off after the wedding! The whole group sang the MSU fight song and it made us smile :) Reception2-194
Of course I had to say bye to my dad post-wedding! The poor guy had the Noro virus and was suffering the whole day. What a trooper!Reception2-198 
After our wedding everyone went to a local favorite restaurant, Red’s Ice House, and continued the party there! The place wasn’t busy, so we had the band and a whole section of the restaurant to ourselves! We had SUCH a blast! Our reception ended at 9 and we wound up staying at Red’s past midnight. Zach and I walked to our hotel which was right down the street and everyone was honking and yelling to us since we were in our wedding gear! :) We were so fortunate that we had so many people who mean so much to us travel for our wedding. We had such an amazing, memorable wedding!
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  1. So pretty! Love the tent and we ARE going to the SEC party tomorrow night. Let me know if you're going.