Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Party Outfits

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

I recently sent our wedding party the first volume of "Zashapalooza: The Wedding Party Newsletter". I included information about who everyone is and how we know all the members of our wedding party, our venues, the wedding weekend tentative timeline, and just an overall information overload of what we have planned so far. We also included what the wedding party will be wearing!

I picked one bridesmaid dress, a Bill Levkoff dress style 183, in watermelon satin. The girls will wear champagne gold shoes with it. I absolutely love the dress and how flattering the style is to each of them!
 The groomsmen will be wearing tradition black tuxedos with a watermelon vest and tie! They will all look so dashing. 
I love how our wedding planning is coming along and I look forward to sharing more details with y'all!

What did your bridal party wear in your wedding? If you aren't married, what do you envision them wearing? What has been your favorite outfit to wear as a member of a bridal party?
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  1. I always love short dresses as a bridesmaid b/c there's a chance you can actually wear it again!

  2. My girls wore short navy David's Bridal Dresses. I liked the look of the short dress with silver shoes of their choosing. Our guys all wore navy suits with navy vests.

    My cousin is getting married in December- her criteria is for us to wear long navy dresses of our choosing. Seeing what we have all picked- I know it'll look so nice together.

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