Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookies and Christmas Movies!

Yesterday I made these amazing cookies! Peanut Butter Lovers Toll House cookies!
Zach and I found these in Kroger on Sunday and we were all over that. I added some chocolate chips to the top to make them even more amazing.

I put them on my new MSU plate! I got this as an early Christmas gift from Zach.

These cookies were so good! Sometimes I just want a cookie and don't feel like baking from scratch. Amazing!

I ate my cookie while watching The Polar Express. It was on TV last night as part of the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas!
The Polar Express is definitely one of my must-watch Christmas movies. I have to watch it at least twice every season.

Here are my other must-watch Christmas favorites:
ELF!! I LOVE ELF! Definitely my favorite Christmas movie ever! I watch this more than twice a season. More like twice a week. Ok twice a day you got me.
The Santa Clause! This movie is so cute. And doesn't it make you want hot chocolate? We watched this once so far this season!
Home Alone! This fabulousness was brought out Sunday night. I love little Kevin McCallister he's so crafty.

And last but not least, a Charlie Brown Christmas! I have a miniature Christmas tree in our apartment (along with my Floridian Christmas tree-my light up palm tree). It reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. And Woodstock just kills me. His little bird feet and hair crack me up.

What are you favorite, must-see Christmas movies? Have you tried the magnificence of peanut butter lovers cookies?

Today we had a chemical engineering grad student association Christmas lunch. It was really fun. We got to go out to eat to a nice restaurant in Starkville (and the department paid-even better!). I got grilled mahi mahi, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Then I came home and Zoe and I ran 5 miles! It was cold but we had a great run!
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  1. My mouth is watering! Those looks so yummy!
    And I love ELF. Oh man. Gotta go watch it! :)

  2. Those cookies look AMAZING!!! They are definitely going on my grocery list! And I'm so with you on the Christmas movies- I could watch Elf every day! :)